Afghan & Pakistani Genealogy & Heritage

Following a genealogical trail is often challenging, especially for those of Afghan or Pakistani heritage. Therefore, we appreciate the effort of others who have taken the initiative of making things easier.

This wonderful website aims to promote and preserve Afghanistan's heritage and culture through the collection, preservation and dissemination of old photographs. With over 500 old photos, the archive has been patiently realised and aims to ensure that future generations will know of traditions, places and people that vanished long ago.

The Genealogy of Royal Afghan Dynasties: Sadozai, Muhammedzai and The Great Moguls.

A genealogical tree compiled by G. P. Ezhov; edited and designed by Y. V. Bossin of Moscow State University Institute of Asian and African Studies (2003).

Pashtun Forums

The world's largest online Pashtun community. A great place to interact and discuss genealogy.

Pakistani Genealogy Forum

The Pakistani Genealogy Forum is a good place to start asking questions (and posting information) about your ancestry.

My Pakistani Ancestry

A genealogy blog to encourage people with Pakistani ancestry to have fun researching their family trees.