Genetic Genealogy for Newcomers

DNA can be a valuable tool for people originating from a particular geographic region to determine if they are genetic cousins. This is particularly useful for individuals whose forefathers migrated from Afghanistan and Pakistan yet leaving insufficient information for future generations to find their ancestral origin or genealogical trail.

The Afghan-Pakistani DNA Project aims at providing Afghans and Pakistanis a reliable platform to research their recent and deep ancestral roots. As DNA testing forms the backbone of this project, it is crucial to understand what genetic genealogy is all about.

Here are some videos and links for you to understand genetic genealogy and how it will help us in our project aims.

Part 1: Family History and DNA 101

Part 2: The Four Types of DNA

Part 3: Mitochondrial DNA

Part 4: Y-Chromosome DNA

If you wish to learn more about DNA, visit the website of the Sorenson Molecular Genealogy Foundation and read all of the sections under Y-Chromosome DNA and Mitochondrial DNA.

And since the Afghan-Pakistani DNA Project requires participants to be tested with Family Tree DNA (or the Genographic Project), you may want to read the company's FAQ with regards to testing and joining project groups.